Rok-n-Dan's Market and Sector Analysis with Fidelity Select Sector Funds

Dan Caldwell

1/6/18: A lot of interest in Cannabis/Marijuana stocks, including with my extended family, so have added some stock charts to my list (p.9). At the moment my only opinion on the sector is stick with Canadian companies focused on MEDICINAL Marijuana, where it's legal, out of reach of the US DOJ.

zfshcx - Fidelity Select Medical Delivery

zfshox - Fidelity Select Construction/Housing

zfshox - Fidelity Select Home Finance

zfshox Fidelity Real Estate Pt (fresx)

zfslbx - Fidelity Select Brokerage

zfslex - Fidelity Select Enviromental Services

zFSMEX - Fidelity Select Medical Equipment

zfsngx - Fidelity Select Natural Gas

zfspcx - Fidelity Select Insurance

zfspho Water Focused ETF (PHO)

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