US markets - Timing Model

Leslie Gray

01/18 - Red on close

12/13 - cash. Very overbought

12/2 - Green

11/30. Red on close

11/15 Cash on close!! VERY overbought.

11/4 - Green on close, but in cash for the vote thru Tues. (Back in green on Wed).

10/25 Red on close

10/18 - green on close

10/04 - Red on Oct 4th. Again, sorry for late update

09/21 Green on close. Fed was nice to markets. Vol should calm down again

09/19. Cash on close. Fed over-ride of model

09/17 Green on close friday

09/09 - Red on open on Friday.

09/02 Green on close Friday

08/16 - Red

08/09 - Yellow at EOD

08/04 - Green at EOD. Still high risk. Likely back red by Tuesday....

07/28 - Red at EOD. Could take a bit of time to drop, as 'tops are broad', but my signal has switched.

07/13 - I have been away, but clearly the site has changed the ability to make annotations. (I found the link to line types - but it is below the bottom of my browser.) Amazing poor QC for an update to a formerly very nice site. (Turns out if you select annotate from the 'change chart settings' page, you can find the Flash version, and also the QC problem that shows up when you select 'annotate' from the 'Edit this Chart' doesn't occur)

Zzz - UNG - Daily Candlesticks, 700

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