Exceptional Bear - #1 Bear Market Timing - votes & ranking hacked away nightly

Eduardo Mirahyes

Nov 2, 2017 Do you sell those beautiful graphs or use them for real trading/investing?
Both, they are available by subscription with a 30-day money back guarantee

Oct 29, 2017 Don't miss Map of the Market by Magnitude since 1900 in RN Elliott's theoretical Channel at the top of the list, this ALWAYs gets hacked once I log off, follow the link to see how it should look. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/fJMG7elKbDrdljx4EyYTZY9jmiQEuA2rd3qYWwaJ8om

Oct 22, 2017 Hacks sequel, still blocks sending notification to followers + attempts to block my own vote

Oct 19, 2017 reckless Security and DENIAL ...can you fathom that the day I document 20 votes stolen overnight , that my votes increase by 10... if 10 votes are stolen every night another 300 votes would accrue over a month, raising my Stockcharts rank to at least the top 5.

Oct 18, 2017 Votes continue to be STOLEN on poor security from 81 last week to 61, 20 votes disappeared of these 61 half are my own...Please express your dissatisfaction with management Chip Anderson, support@stockcharts.com

Oct 13, 2017 - At the edge of the Precipice https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/edge-precipice-eduardo-mirahyes/

Oct 8, 2017 On Friday the $VIX volatility index was the top gainer, the ETF analogues, SVXY and TVIX, often lag a day or two at reversal points such as this.

Sept 28, 2017 Void of accountability or transparency, Stockcharts secret ranking system, is a travesty. Hardly a secret from Damon Kalahele, alias the Russian Hacker, who has systematically exploited its vu

$ a INDU - The Long New Wave Elliott Count since 1900 2

October 29, 2017 This is our copyrighted Map of the Market by Magnitude since 1900, Notice there are no 5th waves, each 5th ascends degree to the next higher 3rd wave, Above, you see Cycle Wave V , becomes Supercycle (III), likewise Supercycle (V) is replaced by Grand Supercycle [III].
October 31, 2017 Above you see there remains a small segment of the price territory remaining to complete the overlap of the upper channel boundary ~3000 Dow points

ALWAYS hacked, here is a link to how it should look. Copy & paste on your browser. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/fJMG7elKbDrdljx4EyYTZY9jmiQEuA2rd3qYWwaJ8om
It shows Elliott's theoretical Channel, Supercycle Waves (I)-(IV) in green, Cycle Waves I-IV in aqua, Primary Waves 1-4 in lime, and intermediate waves i-iv in avocado. As you see in the lower degree channels between 1956 - 1968, after each double grazing of the upper channel, the market value pendulum swiftly swings to the lower extreme of its value Channel. What's more, at higher degrees, where the magnitude augments progressively in semi-log steps, the channel widens at the lower boundary to accommodate Grand Supercycle magnitude. Therefore, Elliott's most frequent retracement to the previous 4th of one lesser degree at ~560 to coincide with the A wave in 1975, will likely be exceeded to the dashed purple line ~ Dow 100, to overlap Supercycle (I) and Cycle II, the most frequent retracement since the turn of the 20th Century, between 1906 and 1942.


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