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Oct 29, 2017 Don't miss Map of the Market by Magnitude since 1900 in RN Elliott's theoretical Channel at the top of the list, this ALWAYs gets hacked once I log off, follow the link to see how it should look. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/fJMG7elKbDrdljx4EyYTZY9jmiQEuA2rd3qYWwaJ8om

Oct 22, 2017 Hacks sequel, still blocks sending notification to followers + attempts to block my own vote

Oct 19, 2017 reckless Security and DENIAL ...can you fathom that the day I document 20 votes stolen overnight , that my votes increase by 10... if 10 votes are stolen every night another 300 votes would accrue over a month, raising my Stockcharts rank to at least the top 5.

Oct 18, 2017 Votes continue to be STOLEN on poor security from 81 last week to 61, 20 votes disappeared of these 61 half are my own...Please express your dissatisfaction with management Chip Anderson, support@stockcharts.com

Oct 13, 2017 - At the edge of the Precipice https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/edge-precipice-eduardo-mirahyes/

Oct 8, 2017 On Friday the $VIX volatility index was the top gainer, the ETF analogues, SVXY and TVIX, often lag a day or two at reversal points such as this.

Sept 28, 2017 Void of accountability or transparency, Stockcharts secret ranking system, is a travesty. Hardly a secret from Damon Kalahele, alias the Russian Hacker, who has systematically exploited its vu

$1 The Euro priced in Dollars - the B-wave rally will likely exceed the 2008 top of $1.6/Euro.

Like Gold, the Euro is inversely related to US equities. The start of the B-wave, Bear Market Rally in the Euro converges with the same for GOLD....the Euro is backed by far more gold than the US Dollar. QE in the European Union is 2 years old, relatively new compared with US Monetary Easing since 1998 under Greenspan ... in the intermediate term, stimulus appears to do the trick for those with a short time horizon, such as politicians...The Euro is the optimal safe haven for low-risk capital. Yet despite the low risk characteristics, the returns will beat just about any equity position. You don't really believe Ben Bernanke reversed the Bear Market, do you?

$1 USD - Monthly Bear Market since 2001, Completed the B-Wave, Bear Market Rally in 2016 to plunge i

Page 1 has the Big Picture Monthly Charts, pages 2 & 3 show Weekly and Daily magnification candles updated occasionally. When you subscribe, you get the 2-hour or Daily candle charts in 10 asset classes, juxtaposed with their reciprocals. http://www.exceptional-bear.com/How_to_subscribe.html The Dollar has peaked long-term in Wave B. This Bear Market Rally is OVER!, Like All Bear Markets and corrections, it sub-divides into 3 waves, labelled A-B-C in bold blue. The B-wave is ALWAYS a 3-wave Bear Market Rally sandwiched in between two plunges in A & C. Labeled (a)-(b)-(c) in light blue, highlights Wave B's the 3-wave structure to confirm this is a TERMINAL move. As you can see the Market is a fractal. The upside correction to the Dollar is likewise an a-b-c bounce of a minor wave ii. In other words upside corrections are inverse fractals of the larger trend. After the a-wave of an a-b-c dead cat bounce, the b wave could drop a bit lower,....We Swing Trade these masterfully...this is an opportune time to take a trial subscription with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. With the current market conditions this is a low-risk high return phase for Bears, and time to drop your bullish habits to preserve purchasing power & lifestyle. So if the Dollar has been debased, this time, cash & T-Bonds will be big losers. Instead of holding dollars, why not just buy Euros with your Cash. In 2008, the Euro peaked at $1.60/Euro.... with nowhere else to go, the Euro is again the only logical Dollar Safe Haven. Unlike the US, the Euro manipulation is relatively recent. Initially all stimulus appears to work. Just look at how high the Greenback and the S&P have climbed with stimulus. However, from here on out, unlevered dollar-denominated assets are for losers. Only the right asset classes, augmented by leverage, will overwhelm the dollar?s purchasing power erosion. Now's the time to bail-out of over-valued, dollar-denominated assets to buy the

$1b SILVER - Monthly a nascent Bull Market

the nascent B-wave, Bear Market Rally in Silver will likely exceed the 2011 high , making for a buoyant 3-5 year RALLY in Silver, as equities crater.

$1c Natural Gas - Monthly

The long chart of Natural Gas since 1990 shows the long Bull Market in Natural Gas prefaced by a 9 year bullish, Diag II, (green) the most bullish of all price patterns in a colossal beginning. Cycle Wave III should top at least 61.8% higher than Cycle Wave I, in the area of 22. The third wave stair-steps up in magnitude to arrive at Cycle Degree at the Tip, after Primary wave 4. Currently Cycle wave 2 will likely retrace the area of 1.5-2. The next long upside is wave 3, in the meantime, best remain short via the inverse or short Gas. Note how Cycle Wave II is clearly an A-B-C Bear Market typical of all corrections. Bear Markets are corrections at higher magnitudes, requiring at least a weekly chart to see the entirety on one page. Next a transition from bearish to bullish shown in purple under time in years on the x-axis - this 3-wave structure is an essential characteristic of the Wave Principle discovered by RN Elliott, Robert Prechter naively discarded it at the beginning of his career and incorrigibly refused to recant in arrogance. Elliott called this the A-B Base prior to a Bull run, however it occurs when reversing bullish to bearish, proportional to the degree of magnitude.

$1d WTIC - Crude Oil Monthly

The Big Picture Monthly Crude Oil since 1997. is beginning Cycle Wave III Bull Market. Primary wave 2 could trough in an irregular bottom in the area of 22. The Crude Bull Market Topped Cycle Wave I in 2008, as stocks and the Dollar went into free-fall. Still inversely related to equities, Wave III should break through the roof, as equities go into free-fall. This time, we can expect a similarly lagging Rally in crude oil. Before OIL can take off, it must first stop-out many Buy & Hold fools. The likely low is in the range of $27. Once the dumb money gets stopped out, there are no sellers on the way up, fueling a Spike... For now, we hold INVERSE, or short Crude Oil, as the better option, going our way.

$1e EEM - Monthly

$1f RUT - Small Cap Monthly

$2 GOLD - Weekly - Junior Miners vs Majors represented by Spot Gold price

Since Gold in operating at Cycle Degree, 1/4 the magnitude of the S&P at Supercyle degree, it is best viewed in weekly increments. This chart compares Spot Gold to the Jr Miners, by the ETF JNUG. Like small-cap stocks, for Junior Miners hikes Gold price drop to the bottom line, they become highly profitable with a marginal price increase. The Major Gold producer's profits track Spot Gold, where price increases are eroded by higher overhead, however when the situation reverses at the end of the cycle, the Major Gold producers remain profitable even as the price of gold drops below the cost of extraction for the Juniors. The majors simply moth-ball the high cost mines, until the spot prices exceeds their unit costs. At the beginning of a Major Rally, Jr. Gold's price augment rapidly, only to fall off a cliff when they drop below a higher cost of extraction...same as small cap stocks which tend have difficulty obtaining enough capital... Small Cap Silver and Gold are beginning buoyant period similar to small cap equities beginning in 1982.... all this in spite of the death of equities proclaimed by Barron's on the cover in 1982

$2a Gold's inverse relationship to Equities

Gold and Equities have a long-standing inverse relationship. When stocks CRASH, Gold and Silver will skyrocket in a Bear Market Rally far more vigorous than any Market driven by Greed - this one fueled by Safe Haven shelter. On the left y-axis you see the price of Spot Gold, since the start of the long Bull Market, Supercycle Wave (III) ended in 2000. The Fed has forestalled the inevitable, only to magnify the vanishing of Trillions in a flash, to withdraw Bull Market excess, multiplied by Fed manipulation. As always, the higher markets climb, the harder they must fall by Newton's law. The longer they accelerate, the more time they have to destroy capital in a Flash Crash.

$3a 30-Year US T-Bond Price - not a safe bet anymore

Former Safe Haven T-Bonds are now certificates of Guaranteed Confiscation. By forcing corporate pensions to prop-up the equities market, artificially-low interest rates have undermined corporate Pensions. Rather than catch-up with their underfunded liabilities, the Crash will obliterate most pensions. The few left standing will be raided for working capital. Instead of the comfortable retirements expected, assuming hand-to-mouth social security survives, most retirees will be forced to live like students again. Stimulus debases the currency, to skyrocket the national debt, leading to insolvency. Up to now, the US Federal Government has been largely financed with foreign borrowed money from Chinese and Japanese savings. Once the dollar collapse becomes recognized as inevitable, an enormous flow of funds out of the Dollar will force Spiking interest rates, to result in insolvency to dwarf Greece. The price of Bonds must drop commensurate with the hike in interest rates demanded by investors to hold us DEBT, from current prices, a 57% capital loss is required to reach 65 on the Y-axis, to retrace the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree, wave (iv) marked by the aqua bar

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