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Virginia Morris

Dec. 14-2:45 PM-Added 2 new charts for LABU/LABD-10 min. DAY TRADE ONLY charts. You are welcome:)

Dec. 14- Today I am going to highlight important trading charts for LABU and LABD. This can all be found alphabetically using Chartbook View. Notice how all of the day trading charts for LABU indicate the buy signal yesterday. Now think about when that trade is done-the switch from the bull to the bear. If only buying 1000 shares of LABD at at time using the night charts (TRADE CHARTS), one could potentially see a 50 cent or more move. Well, that's $500 profit potentially. How many of you could use that $500? How many times do these move in a given month?

Some of you have asked which charts do I use to trade certain ETFs. Well, it all depends on the ETFs. Not all charts work for all ETFs, so I have to switch the chart types and settings for the indicators. Charts for LABU/LABD are the Daily 25 Day Renko, the 2 hour area, and the 10 min. 15 day Heiken-Ashi night charts. Remember what I said about the Renko charts a few days ago? The buy signal will show, but if the price goes back down, then so does the Renko. Thats why you need to do a double check with the other charts, like for UGAZ and DGAZ. Hope this helps.

My Father--Edward Hunt, Golden Trees of the Forest...Not only did he figure out the algorithm (pattern), he applied that pattern to his knowledge of making charts that are meant for trading. It is amazing and quite rewarding to me that now I am making more money trading natty than any other sector.

XIV - 2 hour Area, 1280

XIV - 2 hour Heikin-Ashi, 1280

XIV - 3 min Area, SCALP

XIV - Daily 12 Month Candlestick, Custom (900X1900)

XIV - Daily 6 Month Candlesticks, 1280

XIV - Daily 6 Month Candlesticks, 1280

XIV - Weekly 3 Month Renko MONEY CHART

want to emphasize the trading rules learned from my father. I have been given permission to copy and paste here.

Our rules in trading are:

Rule #1 > If price drops below entry point, sell immediately. This is one of the most stressed upon points in trading, as it protects capital and prevents losses. Set up a stop loss.
Rule #2 > Never get brave and buy anything on its way down.
Rule #3 > Always wait for chart indicators to turn up off the bottom before placing a trade. (Only use charts with timely and good clear, easy to understand indicators.)
Rule #4 > Always obey the indicators on your charts.
Rule #5 > Use trading stops to protect capital.

If you follow these simple rules, trading and winning will be on your side.

XOP - Daily Candlesticks, 1280

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