Virginia's Volatility Charts

Virginia Morris

Dec 11-UGAZ was on sale last week. A 13% percent drop when holding shares can be scary, but saving some money and averaging down is better. Time for the Renko charts to turn up and make some money. Have a great day. UGAZ is up3 % premarket.

Dec 6 7:20 AM-UGAZ up over 3% premarket. Bought and averaged down to $7.37.

Dec 5 So here is a truth-last December I really thought I was the queen at trading natural gas. Then I got bit trading DGAZ. Who didn't? Up until that point, natural gas was pretty easy to trade to make a quick buck. But the MMs got together on Wall Street and reworked their charts to make trading natty in their favor-it made it very difficult for the Mom and Pop traders to rework their charts. (What else is new?)

That brings me to my Father--Edward Hunt, Golden Trees of the Forest...Not only did he figure out the algorithm (pattern), he applied that pattern to his knowledge of making charts that are meant for trading. It is amazing and quite rewarding to me that now I am making more money trading natty than any other sector.

Just for kicks, I tinkered with charting again for LABU/UBIO-there is no buy signal anytime soon, and LABD is the trend, even though there isn't much movement.

Can't trade Bitcoin bc it trades like a wild penny stock. It has replaced the wild moves of JNUG and JDST. JNUG and JDST are easier to trade than two years ago, but I stay away.

Frontier Lithium from Canada is a keeper (HLKMTF-US).

And I thank you, Bob, for giving feedback to my Dad and I. I do post my trades-and I although I may get stopped out, I do post them. Selling is a different matter. I was taught to sell in halves/thirds. Take the profit and sell into the rally. To not be a bagholder.

Stockcharts voting and follows is another matter. Why would hackers try to sway the votes on Stockcharts? Why would they take away lists we follow? The reason is that we can't find the best charts and trade. I wonder who these trolls are? Could they possibly be minions of the MMs or politicians who are

$INDU - 10 min Candlesticks, 1280

$SILVER - Weekly Renko, 1280

$SPX - 1 hour Solid Line, Custom (900X850)

CLM - 3 Month 15 Day Weekly Renko, 1280

CLM - Weekly 7 Month Renko, 1280

CRE.V - Daily Heikin-Ashi, 1280

CRE.V - Weekly Renko, 1280

DGAZ - 1 hour Heikin-Ashi, 1280

DSLV - Daily 12 Month Candlesticks, Custom (900X1900)

DSLV - Daily 20 Month Candlesticks, 1280

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