Virginia's Volatility Charts

Virginia Morris

April 17- Frontier Lithium (HLKMF) FL.V-up 18% today. Still holding.

I did start my new job yesterday. The hours are so much better, and the commute to Frederick, MD is so much better than driving through the mountains to Leesburg, VA. I can be home in 25 minutes, lol. This summer will make four years since moving from NC to WV. I love it here-it is so beautiful. But they drive like I am back in Jersey, lol. A lot of people where I live commute to Baltimore and DC because it is so much cheaper to live here. I see a lot of NJ license plates. Guess they know about this area now as well.

I have gotten a couple of emails from thanking me for my charts, and we have all missed my Dad being on here. Dad is busy getting his bush hog ready for mowing, and also catching beavers on his farm. My mother is still in remission with her lung cancer, but she has a hard time breathing with COPD. My parents are the strongest people emotionally and physically I have ever known. God has truly blessed me with having such wonderful ;parents. I do not get to see them often because I am either working or Mom is really tired. Being a former military spouse and now that my husband is retired from USAF, we live in a different state due to his job. It's hard not being able to see my parents as much as I would like. Dad, if you are reading this, I love you and miss you both. I will visit soon when I can.

Have a great rest of the week:)

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