Virginia's Volatility Charts

Virginia Morris

Dec 15 Fri PM-Took a ride on the DGAZ train today using the new Day Trade Chart. Making that money is better than any slot machine (except for the nickel slots-those are just fun!).

For those of you that are not members of Stockcharts, you are in the learning phase. It is hard to make money in the market. Make paper and pencil trades-that is how I learned. And it is better to make mistakes than trading with the dollar.

DGAZ is trading very choppy at the top, and soon UGAZ will take over. It is winter, and natural gas is needed. This is where patience and discipline come into play. I have provided other charts to trade from other than Renkos. Use those to double check your trades. If in doubt, email me.

I work in a very fast paced environment-plan on staying in this position for the next year until I transition to Medical Billing and Coding. The ultimate goal is to work out of my pajamas and trade as well.

Get lots of work done this weekend-and people, don't wait until the last minute to Christmas shop for your woman/man. Scope out good concert tickets and a dinner for a date night. No pajamas, got it?

Dec.15 3:45 pm-Had to take a sick day today. I worked on new charts for trading and it made me happy. I know you will enjoy them and making money. TGIF!

Dec. 14-2:45 PM-Added 2 new charts for LABU/LABD-10 min. DAY TRADE ONLY charts. You are welcome:)

Dec. 14- Today I am going to highlight important trading charts for LABU and LABD. This can all be found alphabetically using Chartbook View. Notice how all of the day trading charts for LABU indicate the buy signal yesterday. Now think about when that trade is done-the switch from the bull to the bear. If only buying 1000 shares of LABD at at time using the night charts (TRADE CHARTS), one could potentially see a 50 cent or more move. Well, that's $500 profit potentially. How many of you could use that $500? How many times do these move in a given month?

Some of you have asked which charts do I use to trade certain ETFs. Well, it all de

FL.V - 30 min 15 Day Heikin-Ashi, 1280

FL.V - Daily 10 year Candlesticks, 1280

FL.V - Daily Heikin-Ashi, 1280

Frontier Lithium Weekly Renko, 1280

GBTC - 2 hour Area, 1280

GBTC - 2 hour Renko, 1280

GBTC - 2 min Heikin-Ashi, 1280

GBTC - 3 min Area, 1280

GBTC - 3 Month 15 Day Weekly Renko, 1280

GBTC - 30 min Area TRADE CHART

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