The dk Report

David Kneupper

A dashboard of timing and health indicators that help identify Intermediate Buy/Sell signals. Charts updated daily.

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-21- VIX Weekly - 3-year Fear Gallery

A three-year gallery of the market's periodic bouts of fear.

-22- Bull/Bear Market Indicator - 10-year

This weekly SPX EMA chart provides reliable long-term Buy-Sell signals.

-23- Recession Monitor - 30-year

2-yr/10-yr Treasury yield ratio provides a useful recession signal almost a year in advance of oncoming recessions.

-24- NASDAQ Bottom Finder - 20-year

Reliable Long-term Buy signals when recovering from sub-20 readings.

-25- NASDAQ Monthly - 18-year

A 20-year monthly chart of the NASDAQ. Tracks the Fibonacci retracement of the Dotcom Bubble, and shows the 2008 recession and developing recovery.

-26- 10-year Treasury Yield

-27- Energy Ratios

-28- Metals

-29- Hindenburg Omen

Hindenburg Omens allegedly identify the end of rallies and bull markets. They're triggered by the presence of extreme ratio readings between stocks trading at New Highs and those making New Lows. A Hindenburg Omen occurs on the chart above when each of the five conditions down the center is met simultaneously, marked with Y or N on the right. Five Y's and a new Hindenburg Omen is created. Hindenburg Omens have an erratic track record characterized by excessive false positives. What they lack in accuracy they make up for in macabre parlor value.

-30- The 5-10-20 Timer S&P500 -- IT Buy/Sell Indicator

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