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12:13 PM - 19 Mar
The #SPX New Moon rebound high is over and we are probably headed for a 20th to 22nd low.

12:47 PM - 14 Mar
The SPX seems to be following Option 2 with a mid-week high and March 20th low.
The New Moon will likely be a turn, either a low, or more likely a rebound high if we hold above SPX 2730.

11:44 AM - 12 Mar
SPX this week:
One is a down Monday and up into Friday for the normally bullish New Moon and Options Expiration, then a drop next week.
The other is a high mid-week and a drop into the end of March.
Option one is the most likely.

7:40 PM - 6 Mar
The resignation of Cohn probably moved the SPX high ahead by a day. We will probably get just a rebound Wednesday-Thursday before a drop into Monday the 12th.
For now, I do not think we will revisit the Feb 6th low until April.

3:49 PM - 4 Mar
We had an SPX low early Friday as suspected. The comparison with the 2007 high is working and we should climb this week. The VIX is dropping faster and the Put/Call is lower than in 2007 which should keep us below 2872 and could give us another pull back.

1:37 PM - 1 Mar
As forecasted we are in the window for an SPX low, A gift would be 2620, but my original target range was 2670-2700. Maybe the NDX can be a guide since I suspect we hit the 6,700 level.

3:31 PM - 27 Feb
Now that we saw my forecasted high in the SPX on late 26th or early 27th, the next low should be this week, on Thursday or early Friday for the 3 week cycle.

Pg 1 - Stocks, Pg 2 - Currencies, Pg 3 - Commodities

The two Moon cycles often invert and best used as possible highs or lows.
Cycles give possible highs or lows. Trust the cycles while they track closely with the indicators.

The top Tick lines are one of the best short term indicators, but the lows are more accurate and the Ticks remain bullish above the blue zero line.

I use PPO (like MACD) as the bottom white line for the trend and StochRSI in red

2.0 - NDX_60

2.1 - RUT_60

2.2 - UI_Claims

2.3 - NYA50_D

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2.4 - BPNYA_D

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2.5 - USB_60

2.6 - FXE_60

2.7 - XBP_60

2.8 - FXY_60

2.9 - FXC_60

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