Broad Look To Various Markets

Dirk Hettrich

11/02/2018-->Failure for the Mining Sector? --> Bullish Percents are falling again and RS very weak to Gold
14/01/2018-->Improvement for the Goldmines Sector visible: Therefore, for a long time an update of the Bullish Percent concept
10/12/2017-->Updated: $USB vs. $CRB Monthly Chart middle p.4:
'Ratio support' still holding; Bonds further in long term Uptrend to Commodities or vice versa Commodities topping out relative to Bonds
15/10/2017-->Japanese Nikkei Index looks like a new relative outperformer in the relationship vs. DJ World Index (rising ratio line)
+ multi year breakout for $NIKK in the making! ( p.4 )
Could bode well for the global economy.
27/04/2012--> Re-newed chart p. 2: Dow Jones Germany Stock Index ($DEDOW) intraday. Using now the DJ Index because it updates during the trading day. The country index tracks the main country index quite well.
23/09/2009-->Added $BDI [Baltic Dry Index] into $SPX-Weekly Chart p.3 with explanation from wikipedia
03/06/2007-->NIKKEI-Index [middle of page 4] with GOLD & DowJones World-Index; Could be a proxy for inflationary tendencies and the world economic trend.Keep watching this chart.
28/01/2007--> NOTE_$NASI:QQQQ RATIO-CHART supplementary to $NDX-Daily-Chart p.2 with short explanation !
01/06/2006--> Additional chart bottom p.1: IVE [S&P 500 Value iShares] vs IJT [SmCap 600 Growth iShares] RATIO chart
29/05/2006--> SPY vs TLT Stock/Bond_ Money rotation [p.2] ; Re-newed chart plots the relative performance between SPY [S&P500 SPDR] and the TLT [20 Year Treasury Bond Fund (Leh) iShares].
04/05/2006--> NOTE:Due to the Sharpcharts2 release I?m re-organizing the list step by step & re-newed charts begin frontpage

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Deflationary/Inflationary tendencies !?
A Summary of Chart-Studies and -Comments
--> World-Markets,Intermarket-Charts & more

*000 SWA SPY:TLT - Weekly Line (solid), Stock/Bond_ Money rotation

Chart above plots the relative performance between SPY [S&P500 SPDR] and the TLT [20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (Leh) iShares].
The orange line is the ratio SPY:TLT. A rising ratio-line indicates, that SPY is outperforming TLT [vice versa for a declining ratio]

Pink dashed: SPY since the last significant market bottom +/-
Blue dashed: TLT 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (Leh) iShares_ [falling TLT-line indicates rising yields [vice versa for a rising TLT]

Since the start of 2006, the ratio is strong rising, indicating a relative outperformance by SPY.
In other words: Money rotates out of Bonds into stocks.
Keep watching for a turning point.

A23 $SPX- Weekly Candlesticks

07/05/2005: Now that we have seen a pullback, strong resistance 1184 or - domination.
Candlestick pattern could be a bearish so called 'FALLING THREE METHODS'.

A30 $SPX- Daily Candlesticks

13/10/2013-->$SPX above daily MA(20): Healthy combination

09/07/2005: Within two days from support to resistance; Indicators improving; MA(20) now support.
08/06/2005: 'Reversal-pattern' at resistance; Indicators rolling over, higher 'down-volume'. End of run near?

A300 S&P500-SPY ETF- Daily Candlesticks , MA's with Accum/Dist

A3112 Dow Jones-DIA- Daily Candlesticks, MA's Transports behind

05/03/2005 : Like Transportations, new highs ! [DOW Theory!]

A31121a DIA-Dow Jones as Indexshare-Daily Volume

11/05/2005: Resistance confirmed--> high volume drop.
26/04/2005: Not much volume the way up - Patience - below average volume !

A31122 DAI-60min Volume Candlesticks

03/02/2005: Above support for now; BUT OnBalanceVolume+CMF negative divergent;
Daily volume(chart above) weak!

A32 $NDX- Daily Candlesticks

13/10/2013-->$NDX above daily MA(20): Healthy combination
07/03/2013-->Broadening TOP-Formation in the making?
12/12/2005: First 'close' below MA(20) since a while; Bollinger Bands very tight and ready for a stronger move to come (up or down).

A41 $NDX(QQQ)- 60 min Volume Candlesticks, Huge (

The Big TECHS drive the markets :up or down.
Leadership by Tech issues is in general positive for the other markets, too. [a rising ratio-line]
Markets in trouble: a falling ratio-line means loosing the leader

B19 $DAX- Monthly Candlesticks - UP & DOWN

01/05/2005: Last 3 month Candlestick-Pattern could be an 'EVENING STAR'. Patience!!
29/01/2005: Monthly Candlestick smells like a DOJI at resistance.End of run-up ?
21/08/2004 :$DAX at the crossroads . A monthly close in the green 'freefall-zone' would not be healthy for the Bulls .
Simple price pattern & formations bode ill .Next week could be very interesting. Patience !!!

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