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Dirk Hettrich

11/02/2018-->Failure for the Mining Sector? --> Bullish Percents are falling again and RS very weak to Gold
14/01/2018-->Improvement for the Goldmines Sector visible: Therefore, for a long time an update of the Bullish Percent concept
10/12/2017-->Updated: $USB vs. $CRB Monthly Chart middle p.4:
'Ratio support' still holding; Bonds further in long term Uptrend to Commodities or vice versa Commodities topping out relative to Bonds
15/10/2017-->Japanese Nikkei Index looks like a new relative outperformer in the relationship vs. DJ World Index (rising ratio line)
+ multi year breakout for $NIKK in the making! ( p.4 )
Could bode well for the global economy.
27/04/2012--> Re-newed chart p. 2: Dow Jones Germany Stock Index ($DEDOW) intraday. Using now the DJ Index because it updates during the trading day. The country index tracks the main country index quite well.
23/09/2009-->Added $BDI [Baltic Dry Index] into $SPX-Weekly Chart p.3 with explanation from wikipedia
03/06/2007-->NIKKEI-Index [middle of page 4] with GOLD & DowJones World-Index; Could be a proxy for inflationary tendencies and the world economic trend.Keep watching this chart.
28/01/2007--> NOTE_$NASI:QQQQ RATIO-CHART supplementary to $NDX-Daily-Chart p.2 with short explanation !
01/06/2006--> Additional chart bottom p.1: IVE [S&P 500 Value iShares] vs IJT [SmCap 600 Growth iShares] RATIO chart
29/05/2006--> SPY vs TLT Stock/Bond_ Money rotation [p.2] ; Re-newed chart plots the relative performance between SPY [S&P500 SPDR] and the TLT [20 Year Treasury Bond Fund (Leh) iShares].
04/05/2006--> NOTE:Due to the Sharpcharts2 release I?m re-organizing the list step by step & re-newed charts begin frontpage

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Deflationary/Inflationary tendencies !?
A Summary of Chart-Studies and -Comments
--> World-Markets,Intermarket-Charts & more

Y01 NEM- Monthly Candlesticks

02/05/2017-->NOTE : conservative 'SELL'-signal in MACD-Histogram given so far: 'red light'!?
29/06/2006: Flag in the making?
Support has held, now for the upside.
Newmont Mining thumping daily VOLUME[chart below]: Month almost over and break of long term rising bottom line [monthly chart]
Warnings played out here very well [Bullish Percents for the sector in 'O']
Newmont Mining Corp. Chart-Series : Unhedged member of the $HUI-Goldmines-Index and a heavyweight in this index .

Y02 NEM- Weekly Candlesticks

28/08/2016--> Weekly reversal to the downside!? Strong volume; Weekly MACD close to reverse down

Y03 NEM- Daily Candlesticks

30/12/2016--> With touching 35 NEM has a Triple Top Breakout on a PnF-Chart
24/11/2016-->Higher low in the making?
Accum/Dist. positive divergent, also, relative to price

Y04 NEM- 60 Minute Candlesticks

21/02/2013-->42,50 /- failed as important support. See daily & weekly chart, too

Y05 - $HUI:NEM

Y1 BEMA GOLD Corp. - PnF 2 x 3 LINE

13/10/2006: New 'BUY SIGNAL'
20/12/2003---> For a very,very special friend !!

Bema Gold Corp (BGO) as Point & Figure Chart Box Size 2% / Reversal 3

Y2 BEMA GOLD Corp. - PnF 2 x 3 CLOSE MAs

03/08/2005: 'BUY-Signal' valid & new X?s added: Demand in control.
-->Added another BEMA GOLD PnF-Chart , Box Size 2% / Reversal 3

BUT : BASED on ' CLOSE ' to compare this chart with the chart above ,which is based on ' high/low'
I want to eliminate more noise !

Z ****iSHARES SILVER TRUST[SLV]- 1 Minute Candlesticks, Super Wide (900)

Z ****iSHARES SILVER TRUST[SLV]- 60 Minute Candlesticks

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