My Index Trading Signals, March 19, 2018

Debra Hagler

Ten specific signals on the index charts applicable to both swing traders & investors. The green vertical line signals the day it's a long. The red vertical line signals the day to go into cash or hedge.
The more charts agree, the more confidence we can have in the signals, but no signal works every time, use stops if you choose to use these signals. For Feb pullback context, added 3 big pic charts in the back.

SIGNALS: 10 charts 80% long, 20% cash

3/19 shorter term strategies remain choppy and in cash, no new signals
3/16 chart 2 would have put us back in cash on the 14th, waiting short term chop resolution
3/15 sorry still can't update, hope you can tell from looking at the charts by now as I suspect new signals have happened
3/14 flying today no chart access - expect sporadic updates through the 20th
3/9 new signal chart 9, chart 2
3/5 new signal chart z
3/2 new signal chart z, getting whipsaws shorter term charts on this volatility
3/1 cash signals charts 2 and 3, both for losses
2/26 new signal charts 2 and 3
2/15 new signal chart z
2/12 no signal changes, added some personal observations to last 3 big pic charts
2/2 new signals charts 2 and 3
1/30 new signal chart z
1/16 new signal chart 9
12/19 new signal chart z
12/11 new signal chart 9
12/6 new signal chart z
11/29 new signal chart 9
11/26 new signal chart 9
11/21 new signals charts 2 and z
11/16 chart 3 back to long, chart 2 another very close call
11/15 charts 2 and 3 did not make the signal cross 'same time' but close enough to go to cash (defensive)
10/25 new signal chart 9
10/17 new signal chart z
9/11 new signals charts 2 and 9

If you find the signals helpful, please vote! I'd love to hear feedback! Twitter: @haymoney
Nothing I'm showing is trading advice. I try to update daily, so the signals are timely, but the rules are on the charts so you can see the correct location if I'm unavailable.

1. $CPCE

2/12/18 You are looking at a 10sma overlay of the $CPCE which is invisible on this chart. No secrets here!
12/10/14 To those who have asked, this is not a trading system chart, I use it for sentiment only.


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