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The “Bread and Butter” Bar Chart
Bread and Butter SharpChart

Traditional daily OHLC bars with the 50-day and 200-day moving averages plotted on top and Y-Axis labels showing you exact values on the right side.

Price Labels For Peaks and Troughs
Price Labels for Peaks and Troughs

Here's the Sand color scheme with Japanese Candlesticks and Price Labels that display price data at significant highs and lows on the chart. is the best technical analysis website – no question!
-Bob Brogan, Editor, Signal Report
Long-term Gold Chart
Long-term Gold Chart

The long-term direction of Gold spot prices shows clearly on this log-scale monthly chart that goes all the way back to 1980.

Night Chart with MACD and Keltner Channels
Night Chart with MACD and Keltner Channels

Black background really makes the HLC price bars stand out on top of the blue Keltner Channel. Below is one of John Murphy's favorite indicators - the MACD and its histogram.

MA-Ribbon Chart
MA Ribbon Chart

A daily chart with 16 different moving average lines. Shows how moving averages smooth out as their period parameter increases.

Lots and Lots of Indicators
Lots o Indicators Chart

Members can add up to 25 different indicators to any chart. This chart shows some examples including the CCI indicator (tan) placed behind the price plot.

Candlesticks with Bollinger Bands
Candlesticks with Bollinger Bands SharpChart

Japanese candlesticks for short term trading patterns combined with area-filled Bollinger Bands that show when prices get significantly "out of whack." Mint green color scheme echos the color of money. is a very useful one-stop site where you can find just about everything about financial market charting.
- Stocks and Commodities magazine
Cumulative Advance-Decline Line
Cumulative Advance-Decline Line SharpChart

The direction of the NYSE Advance-Decline Line is easily visible in this "Sunset" themed chart with a red signal line made from the 50-day moving average.

Auto-Generated Retracements
ZigZag Retracement SharpChart

ZigZag Retracments point out significant peaks and troughs and help identify important chart patterns. These also automatically display the percent change between each pair of peaks and each pair of troughs. Great for Fibonacci analysis. There a Fast Stochastics indicator at the bottom to help identify upcoming turns.

Point and Figure Chart with Auto-Trendlines
Point and Figure Chart

A Point and Figure chart with automatically added 45-degree trendlines. The X's and the O's filter out market noise and keep you focused on only significant price movements.

Ratio Chart with Overlaid VIX and Annotations
Ratio Chart with Overlaid VIX and Annotations

Shows the strength of Gold relative to stocks over a six year period. The $VIX (Volatility Index) is overlaid to show that spikes in the VIX (purple arrows) have often preceed periods of relative strength for Gold (green arrows).

Your commitment to a speedy, effective response is superb. You guys set the standard for excellence as far as I'm concerned. The personal response is especially appreciated.
- William S.
Volume by Price with Parabolic SAR
Volume by Price

The blue horizontal bars show where volume has "built up" around particular price levels indicating possible support/resistance zones. The brown dots are Parabolic Stop recommendations for this Canadian company.

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